"California Dreamin" Kinetic Motorized Ball Machine

"California Dreamin " (81x50x32) by Bruce Gray is a motorized kinetic art ball machine sculpture with 2 steel balls that get lifted by a drive chain conveyor system. The balls have 3 tracks to follow that are changed each time by 2 switches, or as I like to call them "gravity operated, magnetically optimized, switching units." One of the switch ideas actually came to me one night in a dream, after several days of trying to come up with a suitable design. Take a look at the quicktime video of this machine. Be warned. This is a long video clip which includes sound, and can take several minutes to load. "California Dreamin" is part of the corporate collection at the offices of Mitch Kapor in San Francisco. A similar motorized ball machine can be commissioned for around $15,000 and up.

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