Cool Links from the Kinetic Artist website
Art and Sculpture! • • • 
Sculpture and Mobiles by sculptor Bruce Gray Visit the Online Museum Store
Salvador Dali! Alexander Calder.
The Museum of Modern Art in New York. The Museum of Contemporary Art in L.A.
Guggenheim Museum at Bilbao. The Palm Springs Desert Museum
Here is Bruce Gray's smaller, easier to navigate website with just his very favorite artworks and sculptures at: brucegrayartist The amazing kinetic performance art of Peter Fischli and David Weiss.
See the work of renowned kinetic artist George Rickey . See work by famous kinetic sculptor Jean Tinguely .
Fashion & Art! • • •
The exotic shoe collection at The High Heel Shoe Museum The ultimate fashion guide. The Costumers Manifesto
Film & Television! • • •
TV Tome: For details and credits on all your favorite television stars!  
Music • • •
The Side Effects Band: For details and music click here.  
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